Welcome to Peaceful Transitions Senior Move Management

Moving Seniors peacefully is our number one priority.


Ten ways we can make your move more peaceful...

  1. Estate sales. We will help the client get rid of all of the items in the house that they no longer need. Our team of experts will handle the estate sale, from the beginning to the end.
  2. List and sell the house. We have licensed real estate agents with over 30 years’ experience selling and buying real estate.
  3. Stage the home to sell. Kathy is a certified Interior Designer with 25 years’ experience staging, space planning and helping her clients love their new space.
  4. Organize/prepare the house for the move.
  5. Dispose of the items that don't sell in the estate sale.
  6. Develop floor plans to help the client decide what to take to the new facility.
  7. Oversee/Schedule and arrange for mover.
  8. Pack with expertise and care.
  9. Unpack, resettle and decorate the new facility.
  10. Peaceful Transitions can be the project manager for the entire moving process or the customer can choose the services they would like to hire us to do.


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